100W Cuda


BEHM 100W Cuda

Rego:  43636764 with American Hereford Association

$55 + GST

DOB:  04/03/2015

No other sire comes close to matching Cuda’s combination of calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass merit.
Top 5% of the breed for 10 different traits, including marbling
All indices are within the top 7% of the breed.
This powerful, stout, rugged sire is emerging as a true breed leader.
Whether you are producing weaners, finished stock or replacement females, this sire provides it all.

Cuda pedigree

Matariki Holy Smoke

Matariki Holy Smoke

Matariki Holy Smoke

Rego:  OSA281070390NZHB

$45 + GST

DOB:  20/08/2007

Strong NZ pedigree. Within the top 5% for 10 traits!
Top 4% eye muscle area.
Massive growth uniquely coupled with very high marbling within the top 3% of the breed.
All indices are within the top 11%.
A true great of the Hereford breed with an impressive combination of carcass quality and quantity.

Holy Smoke pedigree
Holy Smoke son
Matariki Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke son
Holy Smoke son