HCH Genetics Embryo Centre has been built to the highest standards to ensure optimal donor and embryo health.

Domestic and Export Beef donors accepted.

Our technicians have been trained by Australia’s leading embryologist Dr. Tim Heath.

HCH Genetics Embryo Flush Centre is export qualified under the supervision of Dr David Morris

Embryo Transfer - beef

Embryo Flushing

​HCH Genetics Flush Centre offers an embryo flushing service with meticulous attention to detail in the care and preparation of the donors on sire and the resulting embryos.

Flushing occurs, both mobile and on centre, all year round.

HCH Genetics Embryo Centre has a fully qualified cattle nutritionist on staff.  Jacqui Aylan-Parker structures rations to ensure all requirements are met whether they have a calf at foot or not.

Embryo Transfer

HCH Genetics offers a reliable embryo transfer service.  After extensive training with Australia’s leading embryo transfer veterinarian and years of experience, Dale Edwards achieves outstanding results that sit at the top level for pregnancy rates in direct comparison to the world’s best technicians.  

Our rates are highly competitive.