GD Hussar P

GD Hussar - Saler sire


DOB:  16/10/2012

$58 + GST

Polled heterozygous, highly docile sire with well balanced phoenotype.

This heifer-bull transmits good growth and has a pedigree with favourable milk producing abilities.

He comes from a highly productive maternal line his dam (Amande) still in production (11 years, 9 calves) and Tunisie – his granddam (11 years, 9 calves).  Fantastic longevity!!


GD Druide

Druide Saler sire

FR 7651848247

DOB:  05/11/208

$55 + GST

Druide is number one in France for his direct effect on the quality of progeny at weaning.
Phoenotypically excellent sire (Champion of SIMAGENA 2013)
Outstanding growth potential.
Frame, volume and well balanced muscling
This sire produces highly functional, docile and elegant progeny.