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HCH Genetics run by Dale Edwards and Jacqui Aylan-Parker specialises in
Semen sales of quality beef AI sires
Artificial breeding services and products
Ultrasound pregnancy testing and foetal aging
Embryo transfer
Freeze branding
Feeding programmes, products and advice

Angus, Hereford, Wagyu, Charolais, Salers and Simmental bulls. Globally elite sires. with over two decades of experience, HCH Genetics provides top quality AI sires to the beef industry.

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Globally Elite Beef Sires

The quality bull line-up offered by HCH Genetics within Australia is sure to aid any beef producer in achieving their breeding goals.
Our Angus, Charolais, Hereford and Simmental bulls provide great value with plenty of power, depth and carcass merit.
HCH Genetic's quality line-up of heifer bulls complement an easy, stress-free calving.
Our business offers tremendous out cross pedigrees to ensure the vigor and performance of resulting progeny.
HCH Genetics was started over two decades ago in Mansfield Victoria. The demand for AI and semen sales quickly spread throughout Victoria and eventually Australia wide.
HCH Genetics has become a leader in the distribution of quality beef genetics; genetics that stands out in the sale yard as a cut above the rest.
Bulls HCH Genetics have brought in, such as Haas GPS have had a huge impact on Australian beef genetics.

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Embryo Transfer - beef

Embryo Transfer

HCH Genetics added embryo flushing and transfer to our list of services in 2016. We can offer this with confidence after intense training with Australia's leading embryo transfer veterinarian, and trials yielding excellent results.
The experience gained in the field of pregnancy testing with ultrasound and AI has meant a smooth transition into this highly specialised field.
HCH Genetics runs an embryo flush centre located in picturesque Mansfield, Victoria.  Our centre offers individualised treatment, with a fully qualitifed animal nutritionist on staff.

In 2018, our embryo collection team became qualified for export, inluding the EU.

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Charolais - Speckle Park - Angus beef cattle

Pregnancy Testing

Preg. testing using ultrasound and a trained, skilled operator is a highly accurate, fast and cost effective technique.
HCH Genetics have pregnancy tested over half a million cows ultrasonically. "The accuracy achieved by Dale Edwards is fantastic, I can sell my empties with peace of mind, knowing I am not throwing away a calf."
Ultrasound pregnancy testing allows for early pregnancy detection aiding in precision on-farm management. Contact us to book an appointment.
Using a skilled technician with an ultrasound machine can tell you extremely accurate foetal ages. This allows for precision management at calving and helps to differentiate AI calves from mop up bulls.

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Nutrition Advice and Feed Products

Feeding and breeding go hand in hand and HCH Genetics are the most experienced team in Australia in understandeing how the two work together.
Jacqui Aylan-Parker is a fully qualified animal nutritionist and is experienced in designing rations for beef cattle performance. Whether you need to lift fertility through nutrition, grow your sale bulls better or creep feed your calves, we can help with products and advice.

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Freeze Branding

Patience and care are the key for good clear freeze brands. A sharp freezebrand with a professional appearance helps your cattle look like a team and adds to their value. Contact us for a quote.

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